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Information about his literary work
  • The Gardener (1996). Fiction. With 26 editions in Spanish, three of them in Mexico. Translated and published into the following languages: Italian, German, Catalan, English (in 1998 by Thorsons-HarperCollins), Korean, Chinese, Thai, Portuguese, Turkish, Latvian and Ukrainian. Soon (2023) it will be published into French and Dutch. In addition, a second edition in English will be on sale on 2023
  • Beyond the Rainbow (1998). Fiction. With 9 editions in Spanish, 10th edition will be on sale on 2023. It will be published in English on 2023
  • El Camino de Santiago es el camino de la vida (The Road of St. James is the Road of Life) (1998). Essay and fiction. It is still one of the most widely accepted spiritual guides of the Camino. It is just in Spanish
  • El Manantial de las Miradas (The Looking-Glass Spring) (2000). Fiction. 4 editions in Spanish. Soon will be translated into English.
  • La rosa de la paz (The Rose of Peace) (2003). Essay and fiction. 2 editions in Spanish. Book Associated to the Forum of Cultures of Barcelona 2004, with foreword by Professor Federico Mayor Zaragoza, UNESCO’s Director-General (1987-1999). It is just in Spanish
  • El príncipe que buscaba la Verdad (The Prince Who Sought the Truth) (2004). Fiction. 3 editions in Spanish. It is just in Spanish
  • Mahabbat: La Ciencia del Amor (Mahabbat: The Science of Love) (2005). His best work, according to the author himself. It is just in Spanish
  • Rumi e Ibn ‘Arabî: Oriente y Occidente, siglo XIII (Rumi and Ibn ‘Arabî: East and West, 13th Century) (2005). CD-book of Sufi mystical poetry with Sufi music in collaboration with the musician Eduardo Paniagua, Award for the Best Classical Music Performer 2007 from the Spanish Academy of Music. It is just in Spanish
  • El peregrino loco (The Crazy Pilgrim) (2006). Fiction. 3 editions in Spanish. It is just in Spanish.
  • El Sendero de las Lágrimas (The Trail of Tears) (2007). Fiction. It is just in Spanish
  • Rabindranath Tagore: Cuánto tiempo dura mi viaje (Rabindranath Tagore: How Long my Journey Is) (2007). CD-book of Hindu mystical poetry with sitar music in collaboration with Eduardo Paniagua and Luis Paniagua. It is just in Spanish
  • Ibn Gabirol: Caballero de la palabra (Ibn Gabirol: Gentleman of the Word) (2009). CD-book of Sephardic mystical poetry with Sephardic music, in collaboration withduardo Paniagua. It is just in Spanish.
  • Señor Presidente, soy el Jefe Seattle (Mister President, I am Chief Seattle) (2010). Essay. It is just in Spanish
  • El sabio enamorado y el jardín del Califa (The Sage in Love and the Caliph’s Garden) (2014). Fiction. In collaboration with Manuel Pimentel. It is just in Spanish
  • The Earth Stories Collection – Vol. 0: How to Make Another World Possible with Myths, Legends and Traditional Stories (2019). Essay and fiction. Published in English and Spanish
  • The Earth Stories Collection – Vol. 1: The Myths of the Future (2020). Essay and fiction. Published in English and Spanish
  • The Earth Stories Collection – Vol. 2: Earth Stories in Action! (2022). Essay and fiction. Published in English and Spanish. Contributing Alette Willis, PhD; Malcolm Green, Catriona Blanke, Jennifer Ramsay and Dick de Groot
  • Overturning the Narrative: Storytelling and Activism (2023). Essay. Soon it will be published in English and later in Spanish
Short academic CV
  • 2016: International Cum Laude PhD in Social Education from the University of Granada, Spain (research methodological supervision by Dr Jane Brown, from the Moray House School of Education of the University of Edinburgh)
  • 2012: Master’s Degree in Innovation and Research in Education from the National University of Distance Learning of Spain (UNED)
  • 1982: BA and MA in Psychology from the University of Valencia, Spain
  • 2015-2017: Member of the Research Group ‘Emerging Values, Social Education and Educational Policies’ from the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Granada, Spain
  • With chapters published and keynote speeches invited by the United Nations University for Peace (2019 y 2022), University of Minho (2022), the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (2021), University of Vigo (2019), Nottingham Trent University (published by Routledge), University of Baghdad (2013), University of Granada (2011) and University of Seville (2006)
  • 2017: Secretary on one occasion and twice member of doctoral thesis committees for the University Jaime I of Castellón.
Information about his activism
  • 2011: Grian participates in the mobilisations of the Indignados Movement-15M in Spain, forerunner of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. He participates in the Valencia Camp, in the Commission for Neighbourhoods and Towns, and launches the movement in the towns of Requena and Utiel
  • 2013: Grian joins the movements Indignados-15M and Marea Granate (Maroon Tide) in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 2014-2015: Member of the organisational team of the People’s Climate March in Edinburgh and the and the subsequent climate campaign in Scotland in the run-up to the Paris 2015 Summit, COP 21
  • 2018-2021: Grian is one of the six people who started the climate social movement Extinction Rebellion (XR) in Spain, inspiring the creation of XR in Mexico following a talk by him in the Aztec capital and, subsequently, helping to create XR in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Chile as LatAm regional liaison of XR Global. From there, Grian has been involved in many global environmental and climate campaigns. -such as Shale Must Fall, against fracking, and World Water Day (2020 and 2021), and Debt for Climate (2021)- and also local campaigns -sucha as the campaighns against fracking in Mendoza, Argentina (2019-2021), in the defence oif the Colorado River, in Argentina (2020). Finally, between August and September 2021, Grian, together with the Irish activist Karen Killeen, made a hunger strike during 33 days within the campaign Earth Fast organised by XR from UK (links on this action on Bio)



The Earth Stories Collection, or How to End Modernism Once and for All

Documentary prsented at the Royal Anthropological Institute invited by the anthropologists and film-makers Blake Kendall, from the Free University of Berlin, and Pavel Borecký, from the University of Bern, during the RAI Film Festival 2021.

This documentary briefly explains Grian’s research and its connection to climate activism.

Poblaciones de sacrificio (Sacrifice Populations) #1 / No a Portezuelo (Spanish with English subtitles)

Documentary made by the Avalon Project team in support of the campaign. ‘No a Portezuelo’ (No to Portezuelo), in defence of the Colorado River, in Argentina, September 2020


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