Grian Workshop in Bilbao: ‘Planetary Crisis and Nonviolent Action’.

22nd October 2022

The Association of Colombians in the Basque Country (ASOCOLVAS) and the collective Sastraka Gaztetxea invited Grian to give a four-hour workshop in Bilbao, in their Youth Action Days for Sustainable Human Development and Peacebuilding. The workshop, entitled «Planetary Crisis and Nonviolent Action», brought together some twenty young people who expressed their concern about the current course that our planet and global society are taking with climate change and the mass extinction of species.

In addition to discussing the current situation and proposing alternative ways of living together and relating to nature, Grian taught the young participants the basic concepts of nonviolent civil disobedience and nonviolent direct action as ways of confronting social and ecological injustices in the uncertain future young people are facing.

Here you can watch a video on these Yourth Action Days by ASOCOLVAS.