The Earth Stories Collection Volume 2 in Spanish is now on sale

14th March 2023

With some delay with respect to the English version, Volume 2 (the third book) of The Earth Stories Collection: ¡Historias de la Tierra en acción! is now on sale.

This volume has a new feature. Unlike volumes 0 and 1, in which the first part was composed of two separate investigations by Grian, The Earth Stories Collection – Volume 2, subtitled Earth Stories in Action!, has also been edited by Marta Ventura and features contributions from a range of storytellers and educators, such as Dr Alette Willis, Chancellor’s Fellow in Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of Edinburgh and storyteller; Malcolm Green, English storyteller and biologist; Catriona Blanke, German storyteller and musician; Jennifer Ramsay, Scottish storyteller and therapist; and Dick de Groot, Dutch educator specialised on the Global South countries. The aim of these contributions is to offer ideas and inspiration on the different possible uses of the Earth Stories to transform human society.

Alongside this first part of illustrative experiences, we offer 36 more traditional stories in the second part of the book, many of them drawn from the research of Xueping Luo on traditional stories from China’s 56 cultures.

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NOTE: We must warn that, as much as we loathe publishing on Amazon, circumstances have finally led us there as the only sensible option to make the books as cheap as possible. The social and ecological crisis cannot wait and, as we explained in the first book of the Collection, these stories would be among the most effective and fastest ways to try to mitigate the disaster. As soon as we find another option to disseminate our books worldwide in the cheapest way, no doubt we will abandon Amazon.