TESC Comes to the Classrooms in Nigeria

14th March 2023

A Nigerian primary school teacher, Victor Matthew Ayegba, is using The Earth Stories Collection in his classroom through regular sessions of storytelling. This teacher, who is a specialist in Education for Sustainability, received the first two volumes of the TESC through Irma Verhoeven, from Hummingbird Stories and Animal Concepts. Since then he is using the myths, legends and folktales of TESC to instil a systemic, ecocentric and organicist worldview in his students.

In addition, Victor has applied to be a member of the Avalon volunteer force within TESC, as he is keen to locate stories from ethnic groups in his area to propose for inclusion in TESC.

In the photo above, Victor, in one of his classrooms, shows Vol. 1 of The Earth Stories Collection: The Myths fo the Future.