Review of TESC Volume 1 from the Netherlands

10th February 2023

Dutch philosopher Karin Melis has written a review in English on the research offered by Grian in the second book (Vol. 1) of The Earth Stories Collection, specifically on the ‘The Myths of Future’ research. In this review, titled ‘Look Up Now: The Redemptive Forces of the World of Myths’, Karin Melis says:

‘What is it that makes people move? This is an urgent question, especially since our Mother Earth is collapsing under our feet. The world of myths offers an unexpected view. The Spanish Researcher and social scientist Grian Cutanda shows how in The Earth Stories Collection. Enjoy his breathtaking journey and you will never be the same.’

Melis goes on to say that this research is so rich that this will not be his only review on this book.

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