New Chapter in an Earth Charter Book

24th October 2022

Earth Charter International has published a new book featuring a chapter by Grian. The book is entitled Earth Charter, Education and the Sustainable Development Goal 4.7, and has been edited by Mirian Vilela and Alicia Jiménez, executive director and director of programmes respectively in the Earth Charter Secretariat. The book collects 25 of the papers presented at the Earth Charter and Education International Conference, held in January 2019, and features in the sixth chapter Grian’s paper entitled ‘The Earth Story Collection: A Planetary Mythology Grounded in the Earth Charter’ (pp. 66-74).

The aim of the editors of this book is to contribute to the current global efforts, most of them framed as part of The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Agenda, directed at a transformation in educational practice (for the emergence of a new paradigm of education) to address the challenges of unsustainability facing humanity.

In the button below you can find the colophon, table of contents, foreword and introduction to this landmark book.