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For twelve years, between 1980 and 1992, I worked as a clinical psychologist in private practice, helping people of all ages to overcome their psychological problems or simply guiding them through their problems in life. I had been trained in this field by the best at the time in Spain, Professor Vicente Pelechano, who came from working at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Muchich, and whom Stanford University, in California, was then trying to take as a lecturer.

At present, I would not do this kind of work under any circumstances, as I no longer feel prepared or have the strength to undertake clinical therapy for psychological disorders. However, I do dare to offer a more humble and possibly even more necessary type of help in these turbulent and confusing times we live in. Especially if to the academic training as a clinical psychologist we add the experiences of a life that is getting to be a long one. On the other hand, I must not underestimate the spiritual experience accumulated during more than 40 years of mystical development, in which what I call ‘the Mystery’ has granted me many gifts that I never thought it would grant me.

This leads me to honestly believe that my experience may be helpful to many seekers on the Path, given that, over the years, I have seen many self-proclaimed ‘spiritual teachers’ who have done or are doing more harm to people than anything else, as well as doing a disservice to what we mean by ‘spirituality’.

So what I offer is simply psychological, life and spiritual counselling, advice and guidance for anyone who needs to reassess their life and retrace their steps.

Sometimes, a simple conversation over a cup of coffee – face-to-face or online – can clarify our path and help us to trace our steps in life, as exemplified in the conversations of my character the gardener.

Another service I offer for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Social and Human Sciences is academic mentoring in the subjects of my domain, namely epistemology and worldviews, traditional narratives, education for sustainability and nature spirituality.

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He sat at the entrance to the garden, offering its peace and beauty to all who wished to take pleasure from it. He told them that it was the garden of life, and all those who wished to find peace in it would always find the door open.
Birds and squirrels made their nests in the trees, fairies and elves looked for shelter among its plants, and men found refuge among the flowers.
And the gardener devoted himself to the care of plants and trees, squirrels and birds, fairies, elves and men.
The Gardener, by Grian (1996)


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