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Academic publications

Grian has recently resumed his academic career, researching on the spirituality of nature and the myths, legends and folktales for the transmission of complex systems thinking and values of peace and sustainability, all this geared to Social Education.

Here is a list of his published or in press academic works:

CUTANDA, Grian A. (2012). “Mythical narratives as a resource for the sustainable development education. Analysis of pertinence”. MA dissertation for the Dept. of Theory of Education of UNED. Madrid: UNED

CUTANDA, Grian A. (2013). "Values education in Translation Studies: The translator's educational role in globalization". 3rd International Translation Conference of Baghdad, 7th-9th May 2013. University of Baghdad and Al-Ma'amoon House of Translation and Publishing. Ministry of Culture, Iraq

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CUTANDA, G. A. & MURGA-MENOYO, M. A. (2014). “Mythical, metaphorical narrative as a resource for education in the principles and values of sustainability”. Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainabiltiy, 16(2), 2014

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CUTANDA, Grian A. (submitted). “Deep Ecology and Native American traditions: The spirituality of nature as ontological educational substrate in the Earth Charter”. Manuscript submitted for its publication in the Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture

MARTÍNEZ-RODRÍGUEZ, F. Miguel & CUTANDA, Grian A. (submitted). “Critical pedagogy and social movements against neoliberal harassment”. Manuscript submitted for its publication in the journal Critical Studies in Education






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